Frequently asked questions

What countries do you export to?

We ship worldwide, but because of each country's specific document requirements, please feel free to contact us and we will check whether it is possible or not if your country is not in our list. In the past, we have exported to China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

What are the accepted payment methods?

For new customers, we accept only Cash in Advance and Letter of Credit (L/C). To open a L/C, you can contact your bank to file necessary application. We will provide proforma invoice or equivalent as a requirement to open the L/C in your bank.

How long is the lead time?

Our lead time is approximately 1-2 weeks depending on the destination port.

Is there any guarantee of the product quality?

We definitely guarantee that our products are of high quality with low moisture, no dust, minimum salt content, and very well dried. Minimum Salt Content Salt content is controlled throughout the process from the ships to the drying process. We have 50 to 100 ships that are active at a time, and while usually salt is used to preserve the fish's freshness at sea, we always instruct the ships to put in less and less salt. In the drying process, salt is not used in the cleaning and boiling procedures. We only allow fresh water to be used. Low Moisture Dried Anchovies: Fresh fish is washed and cleaned thoroughly with water and left to dry under the sun. The product is very dry that most of the times it could be snapped into two easily. Boiled Dried Anchovies: Fresh fish is cleaned then boiled in hot water, and left to dry under the sun. Every time the drying takes place, the factory managers will inspect the process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Product inspection is not taken lightly from the initial process to the end. No Dust After the fish is already dried, dust from the fish's insides and heads are separated into a different pile. The factory managers themselves will inspect the dust content very detailedly and if it does not pass, the fish will be taken out to remove the dust once more. In the case that you have received bad quality fish, we guarantee to offer you discount depending on the severity of the damage, after proof is sent.

How do I order? What is the procedure?

Ordering with us is very simple if you follow this guideline! 1. Discuss the product specifications with us concerning: - Product - Fish Length (centimeters) - Order quantity (kilograms) 2. We will send you the price quotation for the product (excluding shipping and other costs). If you are happy with the price, please provide the destination port and we will provide you the shipping cost. 3. Discuss the packaging, shipping, and payment specifications: - Box Size - Container Size - Payment Terms 4. (optional) If you want to inspect the product yourself, we can set up an appointment to provide the sample in Bangkok, Thailand. The sample product can also be sent to your location but you are responsible for the shipping cost.

What options do I have in packaging and container?

Packaging: We offer two types of boxes - 10 Kilograms and 14 Kilograms per box. Customized prints on the box are available for free. If you would like plastic wrap inside the box, there is an additional cost. Container: In order to maintain the product quality during shipping, we use a refridgerated container. - 20 foot Reefer - 40 foot Reefer If you would like to request other sizes of packages and containers, please feel free to contact us and discuss the options. Note: For Malaysian customers, we also send by car with lower MOQ.

What is the MOQ?

Our MOQ is 10,000 Kgs, which is enough to fill in the smallest container (20 Foot). For Malaysian Customers, MOQ could even be 2500 Kgs by car, depending on the season. Please contact us for more information.

What else should I know about as a customer?

Since we have factories situated and ships catching all around the gulf of Thailand, we can provide the products throughout the year even when the weather changes in certain areas. The anchovy catch may be seasonal in different periods of the year, and we would like customers to acknowledge this in order to have a better mutual understanding of the situation. Our company is the industry leader, taking up 20-30% of the Thai anchovy export market share throughout the past 30 years.

What certifications could you provide?

Upon request, we can provide the following documents: - GMP Certificate - HACCP Certificate - Health Certificate However, we would politely ask you to be able to prove that your destination country requires these documents.

Can I request a sample of the product?

Yes, we do offer samples for the product for free, which will come in approximately 100 grams for you to see. We randomly pick the samples from products in storage, which will reflect more accurately what your products will look like when you order the first container, more or less. Depending on the situation and location, delivery cost for the sample can be free.

What are the export documents that you provide?

- Bill of Lading - Commercial Invoice - Shipping Bill - Certificate of Origin - Packing List Certificates Upon Request * - GMP Certificate - Health Certificate - HACCP Certificate *(Please read question about certifications provided) If your destination port requires any documents not mentioned here, feel free to request them from us!