Dried Anchovy (Ikan Bilis) Wholesaler/Exporter/
Supplier from Thailand
Delivering Quality Since 1988

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee 100% high quality products. If you can prove that our product has not been meeting our  standard, we will refund back the price difference just to prove our dedication to great quality!


Before you make your first order, we can provide you free samples delivered to your address to check our product quality.

30 Years Industry Experience

SNGM is the market leader in the dried Anchovy Industry for decades and we know exactly what you need. Our founder, Tim Maratee, is the first mover towards the Anchovy business and we make it our responsibility to excel in maintaining product quality and keeping up to customer demands.

Long Term Business Partnership

SNGM's prioritizes relationships. We welcome all types of customers, but seek customers who want to work with us long term. For us, we will treat your market as our market, your end-customers as our own. We look forward to growing your market alongside you, and will help guide you along the way.